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Cooling Passage Cleaners for Molds

An easier way to maintain your cooling lines!

All-Organic Cleaning and Maintenance Products for Water Lines

Designed to optimize closed-loop cooling water systems, the new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cool EX products are the next step in cooling line cleaning and maintenance for your plastics machinery and equipment!​

* Eco-Pro 7:54 industrial cleaner for safe and effective scaled and metal oxide corrosion product cleaning

* Eco-Pro Cool EX conditioning formula for preventing cooling water system corrosion and mineral scale fouling

iD Eco-Pro 360 is:
 A plastic mold cleaner
* Water-based*environmentally friendly
* Non-aerosol* non-flammable
* Ready-to-use
* Rust remover
* Long-term rust preventat

Eco-Pro 360 Rust Remover

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