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EP360 Cart XL
iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart Pumping System

iD Eco-Pro XL Cart is a pump and filter combo.
It removes, protects, and helps prevent rust within cooling passages, heat exchangers, and water lines.
The built-in filter function allows the Eco-Pro 360 solution to remain at peak performance for optimal reusability.
The XL cart is de-signed for larger tools and extrusion chill rollers.

Pump Specs: Air-Operated Diaphragm
Max Flow Rate: 28 GPM
Air Supply: 20-100 PSI
Material: Polypropylene
Fittings (2 each): 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” – NPT Polypropylene
Hose: 20’ of 1” ID PVC (10’ supply, 10’ return)
Operating capacity: 25 to 55 Gallons
Dimensions: 39” Length x 35” Wide x 34.5” Height
Weight: 250 Lbs

• Compatible with Eco-Pro 360 chemical
• Runs off your compressed air, no electrical needed
If used with Eco-Pro 360, no water is needed
Included: HDPE 30 Gallon Plastic Drum