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Airmatic® Lubricator
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The Airmatic Lubricator is a simple economical unit with a broad range of output.

It is designed to be operated with shop air.

The stroke setting is easily adjusted to suit a wide variety of industrial centralized lubrication needs.

The package is supplied with a 4 liter metal reservoir.

Airmatic® Lubricator includes an air actuated, spring return piston pump with an adjustable output between 2 to 10cc for each piston stroke at discharge pressures up to 500 psi.

For PDI systems, maximum discharge of 10cc/stroke is recommended.

Stroke movement is preset to a fixed discharge and supply air pressure governs the output delivery pressure.

For extended service, incoming air must be dry.

Always use a suitable FRL unit (filter/regulator/lubricator) to control air to recommended operating range.

Normally, the air-operated Airmatic is used with a 3/2-way electrical solenoid valve to control and vent shop air from the pump air inlet.

The solenoid valve in the 27029 configuration allows air to the piston when de-energized.

When energized, the piston returns to (up) normal, spring relaxes and air exhausts.

De-energized for 10 seconds.

Energized for 3 minutes 50 seconds